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A Penab 2000 in the US Pen-air rushed out of the runway. At least four people were injured.

According to the Anchorage Daily News Network, on October 17, a flight of Pen-air operated by Pen-air carrying 38 passengers from Anchorage to the Dutch port of the Saab 2000 commuter aircraft in Unalaska- The Dutch port airport rushed out of the runway when it landed.

Local police chief John Lucking said at least four people were injured but no one died.

FAA spokesperson Allen Kenitzer said the Saab 2000 rushed out of the runway. In addition to passengers on the plane, there are three crew members.

Witnesses Jim Paulin said the plane landed about 500 feet outside the airport and approached the surface. He also said that the plane appeared to have deviated from the planned landing zone because of strong winds.

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