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Seoul flew Los Angeles, A380 left engine caught fire, delaying 401 passengers

On October 18, local time, an Airbus A380 engine from Seoul to Los Angeles caught fire. Fortunately, 401 passengers had not boarded the plane. After the event, the affected passenger was arranged to fly to another destination.

The live video showed that the left engine of the aircraft involved was on fire, and black smoke was emitted. Several firefighters were on the sidelines to extinguish the fire. After the fire was extinguished, there were traces of black smoke smoked under the left wing of the aircraft. Nandu reporter was informed that the flight involved was Asiana Airlines' OZ202 flight. It was originally scheduled to take off at 17:20 on the 18th local time. It was originally expected to fly to Los Angeles in 10.5 hours. The flight type is Airbus A380-841. The aircraft was built in 2015.

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