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West Pacific Airlines Cabin Service Department  2020 Summer Internship

1.   Company Introduction


West Pacific Airline is a US based airline company that focused on providing trans-pacific traveling service. The cabin service department of West Pacific Airline serves primary functions in the whole corporation. The main duty of West Pacific Airline’s cabin service department is to manage the flight attendant team, provide high quality cabin service and ensure all flights are working normally. The cabin service department has 5 sub-departments including 1 service development department, 1 management department, 1 training department and 2 service department.

2.   Job Introduction

I.   Job Duty

The West Pacific Airline 2020 summer internship is a one-year long program that aims to foster prospective candidates for future development within West Pacific Airline. Candidates will experience the whole rotation of the cabin service department by working in all sub-departments.

3.   Numbers of opening

Three qualified candidates with expectation to graduate in 2020

4.   Location of the position

West Pacific Airline Los Angeles training base

3.   Qualification

I.   Bachelor’s degree or above. Degree in related majors including Economics, Management, Legal are preferred  

II.   Professional skill qualification certification required

III.   English proficiency qualification required

IV.   Candidates must not be employed by any other air companies

V.   Candidates must have strong work ethics

VI.   Candidate must be a team player, quick learners are preferred

4.   Deadline for registration


Aug 15th, 2019

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