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Notice on the adjustment of cabin services for some routes

AUG. 19, 2018

Dear passengers:

Thank you for your long-term support for and trust in West Pacific Airlines. Due to the characteristics of flight routes and the thunderstorm season, in order to ensure maximum safety, West Pacific Airlines has decided to adjust the cabin services and service procedures for some routes from now on. We appreciate your understanding for any inconvenience that may be caused to you.

The main changes to inflight services are as follows:

(1) After boarding, one-on-one identity verification and greetings will no longer be offered to passengers.

(2) On flights with an actual flight time of 120 minutes or less, priority regarding meal selection will no longer be offered to passengers.

(3) On flights that can normally play cabin safety instructions through the cabin entertainment system (including personal entertainment systems and public address systems), the flight attendants will no longer perform personally manual safety instructions before departure.

(4) On a flight with an actual flight time of 70 minutes or less, only a small bottle of beverage will be provided, which is placed in the seat bag by the flight attendants before boarding. On the premise of ensuring safety, a light meal may be provided that does not need to be recycled. The meal is distributed by the flight attendants during the boarding process or is taken by passengers themselves.

(5) On a flight with an actual flight time of 70 minutes or more and 120 minutes or less, if after assessment, it is confirmed that the meal distribution and recycling cannot be completed 40 minutes before landing, only one type of meal will be served or served without the need to recycle; the serving procedure will be adjusted to the following: distribution of food and beverage, and then recycling of used containers, with pre-meal beverage services canceled; first class and business class meals are to be provided at once.

(6) Cabin sales services (including sales of duty-free goods) will be canceled on international and regional flights with an actual flight time of 120 minutes or less.

(7) The flight attendants must sit in their own seats within 20 minutes after the flight departure (or before the plane stops climbing) and within 30 minutes before landing, during which time it is not possible for them to provide cabin services (except in response to special flight conditions);

In addition to the above changes, in case of turbulences or other special circumstances related to safety during flight, the cabin attendant will adjust and cut the service procedures as appropriate. We would like to ask for your forgiveness for the inconvenience caused to you.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

West Pacific Airlines

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